Unleashing children’s potentials

with love and wisdom

About Us


What we do:

 Through providing inspiring quantity programs and responsive loving environment, we aim to support children’s holistic development, help them to unleash their potentials and develop positive learning skills and important life skills.  


What we believe:

  • Every Children is unique and special, and each has different ways to express themselves, and different ways to learn. 

  • Children are born with different talents and potentials, and with the suitable environment and interaction with others, they would grow and learn.

  • Secured, responsive and consistent loving relationship is crucial for the wellbeing of children, which also help to develop their potentials. 

  • Children have the right to play, and play has a crucial role in children’s learning and holistic development, including physical, cognitive, social and emotional. 


Symbolic meaning of Mulberry Tree:

The Wisest of all tree

Mulberries do not bud until all danger of frost is past. When they do produce buds, it happens so quickly that it seems to occur overnight, displaying and thus symbolizing, calculated patience, expediency and wisdom. 

Tree of nurturing and support

Mulberry tree produces tasty berries, its wood is good for carving and its leaves are used to make paper and to feed silk worms, who produced the fiber to make beautiful outfit. In all of these capacities, the mulberry represents support and nurturing.

Catherine Fan (Miss Kit)


Director of Mulberry Tree Education


  • Master of Education
  • Master of Social Science in Counselling 
  • Profession Diploma in Counselling 
  • Diploma in Early Childhood Education
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment 

Hi I’m Catherine, I’m passionate about children’s learning and development. I have over 15 years working experience in various human services sectors in Australia and Hong Kong. This experience covers a wide range of roles, including College Lecture, Counsellor (personal and parenting), Early Childhood Educator, Head of Children and families Ministry and student development officer.

As a director and teacher, I aimed to provide a trusting, loving and stimulating environment for children to grow and achieve individual potentials.  I look forward to being a part of this learning journey with our families and children at Mulberry Tree Education.